A Low Cost Solution for MLS Trend Data Analysis

Increasing Profits

We all know the industry has changed and the dust has not settled yet. Our role to collect, analyze and accurately report larger amounts of data has expanded and is not through growing. The insult was to expect more analysis resulting in larger, more time consuming reports but without the comensurate raise in compensation.

The industry, now demanding more analysis and support for appraisal conclusions resulted in longer report development times. This in turn equates to less profit per appraisal. If you take 6 hours to inspect and type a report and your fee is $300 or $50 per hour, but you can can save an hour per report and be confident in your reported data, now your fee per hour raises to $60 per hour. Sounds good, so no reason not to give it a try. Plus, there is an added bonus. Users that use this system have never been challenged by clients on reported market trends.

Fast, Easy, Efficient. Select data for the subject market. Upload and instantly view results. It really is that simple. Could not be more user friendly unless someone else did it for you. In some MLS systems, there are ready to go exports that allow you analyze data with no prior set up. In others, a one time set up will require less than 5 minutes of your time. Step by step instructions for the MLS systems serviced area available on the Tutorial Link above.


The 1004MC Dashboard

After uploading your MLS selected data, the Dashboad View allows for immediate completion of the 1004MC and analysis of market trends. Charts, statistics and graphs that can be saved and imported into your appraisal report.


1004MC and Trend Analyis

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